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Ways To Improve Solar Panel Efficiency!

Updated: May 13, 2022

Solar panels do not perform identically in all conditions, but you can increase the efficiency and output of your solar system layout or array by taking proactive measures. You can receive the most return on your solar investment by following a few simple steps. These four recommendations can help you maximize the output of your solar panels and save money on energy.

Set up a Solar Power Concentrator:

Sun power concentrators concentrate solar light to help you get the most out of your solar panels. Mirrors or lenses are used in these concentrators to focus a huge amount of sunlight onto a sensor. For best efficiency, the focused light is captured by a tracking device and sent to the solar panel. By ensuring that almost all accessible sunlight is utilized to generate power, money can be saved. The solar power concentrator has the added benefit of efficiently storing energy during the night.

Install Solar Panels at the Proper Angle:

Solar Energy Output

Solar panels set with the proper pitch in a south-facing site will gather the most sunlight for optimal electricity generation. It's critical to monitor and respond to solar panel pitches because the slope of your solar panels aids in keeping them clean. When solar panels are directly facing the sun, they create the most energy. Solar energy output levels can be influenced by leaves, dust, and rain. These power limitations can be mitigated by using the proper pitch.

Hire an expert to construct your solar panels:

When solar panels aren't put properly, they won't get as much sunshine as they should and will produce less energy. Solar panels must be positioned at an angle of 18 to 36 degrees to receive the most sunlight exposure. These panels should be facing south if you live in the northern hemisphere. In the same way, they should face north if you live in the southern hemisphere. During installation, ensure that there is sufficient space between the solar panels and the roof. Since you are inexperienced with all of this, it is usually preferable to employ a professional to install your solar panels so that you can get the most out of them.

Solar panels should be cleaned regularly:

Since solar panels have no rotating parts, they require very basic maintenance. Nevertheless, cleaning your solar panels regularly is recommended because dust and debris can gather on the surface and reduce efficiency. The frequency with which you should clean your solar panels is determined by several factors, including how often it rains and how much it costs to get them cleaned. Dust and filth may cause a 5% reduction in output for a year. Furthermore, if they become highly unclean, such as in a place that does not receive regular rainfall, the output can drop by more than 20%. As a logical consequence, it's a good idea to clean your solar panels at least once per year.

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