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Solar Panel Cleaning 

Solar panels are a great way to save and convert sunlight’s energy to generate electricity and save you money. To maintain peak solar panel efficiency, extend their lifespan, and comply with some solar company warranties, the panels need to be cleaned once to twice a year.

Clean solar panels allow more light to reach your solar cells. Dirt particles abrade the surface of your solar panels, which causes them to wear out faster. Blue Energy Electric Solar Panel Cleaning Service is often necessary because rainwater isn’t enough to clear dust and debris off the panels, and they can be difficult to reach on your own.

Let the professionals at Blue Energy Electric in Palm Beach and Martin County, FL handle all your solar panel cleaning services. Regular solar panel cleaning is cost-effective, and will save you time, money, and energy!

Solar Panel Washing Service Cost Estimate

To accurately estimate the cost of our Solar Panel Cleaning Service, our team will contact you after your form submission to gather details of your requested service. These details will include specific information to anticipate the size of the project and help estimate the cost of service.

We provide residential and commercial solar panel cleaning services for as little as $225.

Generally, pricing for Solar Panel Cleaning is determined by a few different factors. For any of our services provided, once the overall size of the project is determined, you are given a general estimate of the cost before the service is performed

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