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Solar Removal and Reinstallation 

Protect your solar investment with Blue Energy Electric


You may be wondering why a solar installation company would provide a solar removal process, and the answer to that is simple – for your convenience. Many situations arise in the daily lives that could ask us to remove the installed solar panel system and then reinstall them at a later date, like roof refurbishing or simply moving the solar panel system to a better location. And that is why we at Blue Energy Electric provide high-quality solar removal and reinstallation service to our customers.


Even for repair service solar panels, we might need to remove the system and reinstall it at a later date, and that is why our experts are highly trained in the safe removal and reinstallation of solar panel systems.


The Quality of our work


Blue Energy Electric is extensively experienced in Solar removal and reinstallation procedure. Our solar experts, who are some of the top professionals in this field, can easily determine which materials will be needed to be protected and which need to be replaced. We also determine the component capability between different components of your installed solar panel system as many of your components may be obsolete and is negatively impacting your solar energy production.


Our Solar removal and reinstallation process


Solar removal and reinstallation is a pretty delicate process as solar arrays contain hundreds of electrical connections that if not handled properly, could spell doom for the whole solar panel system. That is why, while one can DIY this process, we would highly recommend that you hire our solar removal and reinstallation team. But not only does the removal & reinstallation of the solar panel system need to be done in a delicate manner, but the panels must also be stored safely as well as they could easily get damaged if one is not careful.


We have a comprehensive removal and reinstallation procedure designed to ensure that your solar panel system is appropriately protected and the system works as intended when put back together.


 1. Pre-removal site visit

The first step of the R&R (removal and reinstallation) process begins with an on-site inspection by our solar experts. A complete site plan is developed using the data collected from the visit that will serve as the roadmap for our removal and installation crew throughout this process.

 2.Scheduling the removal and reinstallation dates

It is essential for us that we ensure a hassle-free removal of your solar panels, and that is why we schedule the dates for both removal and reinstallation that work for you.


3. Storage

Once the solar panels and racking are removed from the site, the next thing is to safely bundle the panels and store them in a safe location.


4. Reinstallation & final inspection

And lastly, your solar panels would be reinstalled at the exact or new location with clean panels, new hardware, and other necessary components. A final inspection of the solar panel system is done to ensure that the system is working at peak capacity.


Blue Energy Electric – the right place for your solar removal and reinstallation needs


Blue Energy Electric has built a reputation on honesty and dependability by providing customers with the highest quality bespoke solar solutions for their requirements, no matter what they may be, including a hassle-free solar removal and reinstallation process.


Solar removal and reinstallation procedure could be a tricky business, and that is why Blue Energy Electric is the default choice of many in South Florida for this service. Our highly experienced solar professionals ensure that you receive 100% satisfactory solutions for your solar removal and reinstallation requirements and at a highly affordable price.


So, what are you waiting for? Reach to us and schedule an inspection date right away. And if you have any inquiries regarding the service provided by us, do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime! Our professionals are available to help you with solar removal and reinstallation at your leisure. Make sure to schedule an appointment to take advantage of our services.


Solar Removal Service Martin County


If you are searching for a solar panel removal company in Palm Beach County, then you could not find a better company for your needs than Blue Energy Electric – the one stop shop for all your solar energy needs for residents in South Florida. There are many reasons why one might need a solar removal service in Martin County, primarily to repair, clean, or move the solar system to a new location. No matter what your request are, you will find our solar panel experts completely capable of providing you with top notch service, so if Solar removal and installation at affordable prices is what you’re in need of, then contact Blue Energy Electric today!

Ready to get started? Reach out to our customer support team and scheduled your solar panel removal and reinstallation at your convenience. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’re always here to answer your questions.

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