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Commercial Solar Panels 

Commercial Solar Panels Trim down your utility expenses with Commercial Solar Panels Every business owner knows that utility costs are one of the most significant expenses for them. And this is not new as obviously, a typical business consumes more energy than a household – with their higher energy need for lightings, HVAC, computing, and more. But while you can't do much about the rising energy needs of their business, there is something that can be done about the utility expenses, an issue which is compounded by the rising costs every day. And that solution is commercial solar panels. Small and medium businesses in the US market spend upwards of $60 billion in energy consumption, which is an astronomical number. However, now with commercial solar panels solution, businesses can drastically reduce this number. Why is going solar the way to go for businesses? Investing in commercial solar panels is the right way to go business for many reasons, primarily financial.


Commercial solar panels not only reduce the utility bills of many businesses but also ensure that the business does not get impacted by power outages or a hike in the electricity costs at the time of high demands. When it comes to the installation costs and initial investment in commercial panels, a significant portion of it can be offset by local and federal incentives like tax credits, depreciation, rebates, and grants. Investing in commercial solar panels has provided a strong IRR (internal rate of return) and a more favorable payback than several of the present residential systems. Benefits of commercial solar panels solution

•Reduced operating costs •Lower tax liability •Higher internal ROR on a long-term warrantied asset •A hedge against rising energy costs •Marketing and PR benefits

Blue Energy Electric – your commercial solar panel partner We understand that every business has its own unique requirement when it comes to energy consumption, and that is why Blue Energy Electric offers customized commercial solar panel solutions to customers. With our unique approach regarding commercial solar panel solutions, we can provide businesses with a commercial solar panel solutions that fit their needs perfectly. Our trusted and licensed solar experts are the centerpiece of our engineering first approach, which has allowed us to develop and customized commercial solar panel solutions.


Whether you are looking for a commercial rooftop solar solution, ground-mounted solar solutions, or something completely unique, Blue Energy Electric would be the ideal partner for your requirements. Understanding the Commercial Solar Panels Installation process From the consultation phase to the monitoring after the installation, Blue Energy Electric remains in touch with the business throughout the process and beyond.

The first step in our quest to provide our customers with top notch commercial solar panel solutions begins with a consultation with the client regarding their energy requirements and an on-site survey done by our team of solar experts. A detailed analysis of the system layout, cost and saving benefits, performance estimate, energy offset, etc., is provided to the client with all your financial options.

After a detailed report from our on-site inspection team, our team starts working on developing a design that not only can fulfill the present and future energy requirements but is done keeping in mind the limitation of the buildings structure, budget and in compliance with zoning restrictions.

Blue Energy Electric provides commercial clients with various options that work within their budgets. With solar tax credit being up to 40%, a substantial portion of the installation cost is subtracted directly from the client's federal income tax payments.

Obtaining permits can be a hassle, and that is why Blue Energy Electric handles all permitting associated with the installation of new commercial solar panels.

Our certified installation team guarantees a hassle-free installation process to our clients with minimal disruption to their work, which is hugely crucial for commercial clients. After a thorough final inspection, we hand over the system to our client.

Our job is not done just by installing commercial solar panels, as we monitor the system's performance on a regular basis to ensure that the system is working at peak capacity. Hurry, connect with us and get reliable monitoring services!

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