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Solar Energy Battery Backup Storage System

Say goodbye to any interruption in your electric supply with battery backup storage with Blue Energy Electric


The issue with traditional electric supply has always been the future interruption that has to be prepared for, as even a slight disturbance could heavily impact someone's life. We live in a time when having a regular supply of electricity is of paramount importance, and that is why one has to invest in a generator or backup power system to ensure that such a thing does not happen to them.

What exactly is Solar Energy Battery Backup Storage System?

Many people think solar panels only work when the sun is shining, but that's not entirely true. While solar panels do need sunlight to generate electricity, there's a way to use solar energy even when it's dark. This solution is a solar battery backup storage system, which stores extra energy produced during the day for use at night or during power outages.


Investing in solar battery backup storage is wise. It not only provides a reliable power supply during outages but also can help reduce your electricity bills, leading to significant savings over time.


Blue Energy Electric offers a comprehensive solar solution, including a battery backup storage system. This system integrates smoothly to efficiently power your home, ensuring you have energy when you need it most.


System Components

Blue Energy Electric offers an all-in-one AC coupled storage system. This system contains several embedded grids forming multimode microinverters as well as Lithium-ion batteries, where the solar energy is stored. We offer different battery backup storage systems according to our customers' usage and requirements.


Here are some other system components of the battery backup storage system


  1. Smart Switch – to connect the home to grid power, storage system, and solar panels. The purpose of this smart switch is to automictically detect a grid failure and seamlessly transition the system from grid power to backup power.

  2. Wireless Communication Kit – to enable communication between the storage system, smart switch, and IQ Envoy. This wireless communication kit is a USB device and is connected with IQ Envoy.

  3. IQ Combiner – to consolidate interconnection equipment into a single enclosure, which streamlines solar panels and storage systems.

  4. Monitoring through consumption CTs – to keep track of the home energy consumption.

  5. IQ 6 or IQ 7 Microinverters

  6. Mobile connects– to ensure that the system performs to the best of its ability.

  7. IQ Envoy – which delivers the solar products and consumption data to the monitoring and analysis software system. This is done to ensure that proper monitoring of the system is done to provide comprehensive, remote management and maintenance of the installed system. 


Why Blue Energy Electric is the right place for Battery Backup Storage solutions?

When it comes to Solar Energy solutions in South Florida, Blue Energy Electric has been the default choice for the residents. Not only do we provide affordable battery backup storage solutions to our customers, but our solutions work seamlessly and track production and consumption to provide an overall hassle-free experience to the users. 


Customer satisfaction is a matter of utmost importance for us at Blue Energy Electric, that is why we not only provide bespoke solar solutions to our customers, but we also provide excellent services per their request. We are working tirelessly to provide our customers with 100% satisfactory solar solutions.


So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today for solar solutions that are perfect for your needs. Our solar experts are readily available to handle your queries with world-class solutions. Our main objective is to offer a seamless experience to our customers. This is why we keep our focus on providing effective solutions ever.

Solar Battery Installation in
Martin County Florida

Having a battery backup system in your home has become something that is a must have in every home in South Florida due to our unforeseen tropical weather. Constant interruptions in your power supply have become a norm, and with the addition of premiums that you can pay in times of such disruptions, it is no wonder that people are moving towards a more reliable energy source – and that energy source is solar energy.


With solar energy and solar battery backups, you can easily switch on the supply without relying on the over-the-top expensive electric supply from the traditional grid. And when it comes to solar battery installation in Martin County Florida, you could not find a better company for your needs than Blue Energy Electric. Our professionals will assure your system is installed properly and leave you with nothing to worry about when it comes to leaving the lights on.

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