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About Us

Here at Blue Energy Electric, we feel that all customers should have the right to choose where their energy comes from rather than be told who to buy from, or simply told that they can’t afford a greener way.  Blue Energy Electric was founded in early 2012 by David Scherich, who has 17 years in the solar industry, and Michael Kerr, who has a vast background in electric for over 20 years and over 10 years in the solar industry.  Together they have established a small local business with the heart and production power to compete with the industry giants.  Combined with over two million watts of solar installed, Blue Energy Electric is just getting their spark going!

We believe that a customer should be given options when it comes to the future of their home's self-sufficient energy power plant.  At Blue Energy Electric we provide several options of products and financing to meet the needs of all customers.  Whether you simply want to get rid of that big nasty power bill or you want the comfort of solar feeding not only your home, but charging state of the art batteries that will power your home in an emergency outage.  No matter what you are looking for, here at Blue Energy Electric we’ll give you that personal experience to guide you in the right direction.

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Behind it all- Owner Mike Kerr

Mike relocated to Florida from New Jersey in 2009 and resides locally in Port St. Lucie. He began his career in 2000 as an electrical apprentice and before he knew it, he was a job supervisor running small and large commercial projects. In 2010 he took his electrical background and began his journey in the world of Solar Photovoltaics. After a few short years in the field, he and his business partner decided to start their own venture and Blue Energy Electric was born.


Today, with over 2 million watts of solar power under his hat, he is here to continue to help the solar industry grow to one of the biggest producers of clean energy in the world.



Want to know more? Request a home or business consultation. 

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