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Is Renewable Energy the Key to Global Energy Transformation?

Updated: Mar 20

Electricity generation is the world's leading source of industrial environmental pollution. The majority of our electricity is generated by coal, nuclear, and other non-renewable power sources. Such resources have a tremendously detrimental impact on our ecosystem, causing harm to our air, soil, and water. Here is where renewable energy comes into play. Renewable energy comes from natural resources that regenerate themselves over time without diminishing the planet's resources. Such resources also have the advantage of being plentiful, with some capacity available practically everywhere, and causing minimal, if any, environmental impact. That's not all; continue reading to learn everything you need to know about renewable energy's role in energy transformation.

A Quick Overview of Renewable Energy!

Renewable energy sources include the sun, wind, water, and plants, which are all naturally occurring and almost limitless. A "renewable" source of energy cannot be drained or exhausted and must be replenished on a regular and natural basis. Furthermore, renewable energy does not imply clean or green energy. Although many renewable energy sources are termed clean energy, the phrase explicitly relates to a power source's impact on the environment. That's why nuclear energy is seen as "clean" in some areas. Green energy is a subset of renewable energy sources that are the most environmentally friendly. Among them are:

● Solar energy

● Energy from the wind

● Energy derived from geothermal sources

● Biogas as a source of energy

● Biomass power

● Hydropower with a low environmental impact

The impact of renewable energy on conventional energy around the world:

Renewable Energy Doesn't Produce Any Emissions:

The usage of fossil fuels to generate energy emits a significant amount of greenhouse gas. Electricity generated from fossil fuels accounts for 27% of all greenhouse gas emissions in developed countries. Not just carbon dioxide, but also methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases are included. The environmental advantages of renewable energy sources are obvious: Renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines, produce no emissions and cause no pollution to the environment. Furthermore, the amount of electricity generated from renewable sources is increasing.

Renewable Energy Reduces Your Carbon Footprint:

Almost every decision you make has an impact on the environment, from the clothes you buy and consume to the electricity that fuels family movie nights. You may be completely unaware of it. As you might anticipate, adopting renewable energy in your house reduces your carbon footprint by "offsetting," or substituting, the requirement for fossil fuel burning with zero-emissions energy sources such as wind and solar. As a result, evaluating your home's energy source is an important step in lowering your environmental impact.

Alternative Energy Source

It lowers the level of economic ambiguity:

Unlike the costs of producing energy from fossil fuels, which are continually changing and dependent on the conditions, the costs of producing renewable energy are predictable and predictable. Furthermore, renewable energy sources can be discovered in any corner of the world, providing a distinct advantage for home economies, and assuring energy independence by eliminating the need for fossil fuel imports.

Pollutants in the air are reduced by using renewable energy:

As humans burn fossil fuels to generate electricity, they combine with oxygen to form nitrogen oxide, or NOx, a hazardous greenhouse gas. The ozone layer shields us from the sun's dangerous UV radiation. Unfortunately, ground-level, or tropospheric ozone can cause several health issues, including:

● Coughing

● Inflammation of the throat

● Inflammation of the lungs

● Lung function is impaired.

● Lung tissue damage

When renewable energy sources generate electricity, they do not emit nitrous oxides. As a result, renewable energy not only does not emit greenhouse gases but also reduces your carbon footprint and helps offset the need for fossil fuel power, which can contribute to excessive air pollution in urban areas.

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