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How To Check That Your Property Is Suitable for Solar

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Reliable Solar and Home Energy Solution

Solar energy is the answer to your future electricity needs! You may be wondering if you can afford going green and if your roof can support the solar panel system you need. If you’ve asked yourself these questions, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the factors you need to consider before you get started.

Do You Need Solar Power?

Solar energy is ideal for someone that has a high electricity bill that’s putting a huge dent in your monthly expenses. If your electric bill is $75 or more, then it’s time to look into going solar. Why? Because installing a solar panel system will reduce your electricity bill, save you money, increase your homes value and help eliminate your homes carbon footprint all while generating clean energy.

Roof and Solar Installations

What Type Of Roof Your House Has?

It’s imperative that we check your roof before we address installing solar panels. Solar panels only work well with durable and strong roof materials. The best roofs are ones that have asphalt, composite shingles, standing seam metal, or a concrete tile roof. The roofs that are not best for solar installations, are slate, wood shake tile, stone, metal coated steel or clay with mortar roofs. It’s best to seek the advice of professional with years of experience, like Blue Energy Electric to help you understand the process and to find out if your roof meets the required needs to get started.

Do You Need To Replace The Roof?

If your roof has neared the end of its life, you need to think about replacing it before choosing your solar panel system. Roofs in bad condition are not ideal for solar panel installation. Eventually you’ll have to replace your roof and the last thing you want to do is remove your solar panels, just to have to reinstall them after fixing your roof. That’s why if you run into this problem, we’re here to help. One benefit we offer is New Roof and Solar Installations under one financial loan with interests’ rates as low as .99%. Within a few short years, the savings can pay for the cost of the roofing.

How Much Sunlight Does The Roof Of Your Home Receives?

Google has provided an option in the form of Project Sunroof to check if your location is a good candidate for solar panel installation. It will help you understand the amount of sunlight that’s received by that area. For a better assessment, you can seek the assistance of an expert like Blue Energy who can visit your location and check its orientation. A solar panel facing south can capture more rays and convert them to energy. Our experts will also check the angle of the roof and the presence of shades to detect if your roof can become the ideal candidate for solar panel installation. Our experts can also determine the amount of sunlight received by the roof that can meet the energy demands of your home. Professionals like Blue Energy can help assist you and can aid in determining the best energy options for your home or business.

What Is The Local Climate Of Your Place Like?

It is possible to generate solar energy in extreme climates. So, rainy areas or extremely hot areas can produce solar energy with solar panel installation. Experts having solar suitability checker tools can determine how climatic conditions can affect the production of solar power. Always choose high-efficiency solar panels as they can convert direct and indirect sunlight to electricity with ease. It means the solar panels can generate electricity even during cloudy days. Our experienced professionals can help determine the amount of energy the system produces to ensure you get the biggest savings.

If you are looking for a solar expert who can guide you in the right direction, get in touch with Blue Energy Electric. Professionals with 20+ years of experience in the field. We can guide you in the right direction by providing different options of products and financing. We’ll meet your solar needs and ensure you maximized savings.

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