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Solar Installer 

Blue Energy Electric is seeking applicants to install residential grid-tied solar electric (PV) systems. In this position, the Solar Installer will provide support to the crew lead of the Solar installation team, communicate job status data to the operations management, and ensure the completion of solar installation of all solar arrays/systems. It is the responsibility of every Solar Installer to ensure safe work practices for the Blue Energy Electric Solar installation team.


•As a Solar Installer, your responsibilities are to assemble, install, and/or maintain/service solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on roofs or other structures in accordance with design plans

•May include but not be limited to; measuring, cutting, attaching, and assembling structural framing (racking systems), solar modules and other necessary components to complete a solar installation

•Assemble all components of a residential solar system

•Handle trenching and concrete work

•Structurally mount racking and electrical equipment and effectively seal all penetrations

•Maintain a clean worksite and safe working environment

•Properly use Personal Protective Equipment

•May require some travel from time to time

•Attend mandatory training sessions on new products, installation methodology and safety meetings

•Other duties as may be assigned from time to time


· Team player

· At least 18 years old

· Must have a clean driving record. (Example, no DUI in the last 5 years)

· Must have reliable transportation

· Proficiency with Email and other computer programs preferred

· Several years of relevant construction experience (electrical or roof work)

· Understanding/experience with electrical wiring of AC and DC systems strongly preferred

· Experience with the safe use of hand-held and power tools

· Experience working with all types of building materials - various roof types - stucco, wood, concrete, etc. strongly preferred

· Must be able to climb ladders and stairs, comfortably lift 50 pounds repetitively, and must be able to work on your feet for long periods of time

· Ability to work in extreme environments, e.g., hot sun, crawl spaces, etc.

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