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Be prepared for the next storm!

Solar energy is renewable, sustainable, and copious. The cost of solar used to produce electricity decreases each year, which results in substantial financial savings for homeowners who have elected to convert to using solar energy for their homes. Monthly financial savings and decreased utility bills are only the beginning of what benefits solar energy offers its users. Homeowners who install solar electric increase the value of their home by about $2k, per kilowatt. For example, if you add a solar array of 10k kilowatts, it is an added value of approximately $20,000. You can also look forward to a 30% tax credit on your 2022 taxes. For example, anyone who installs, say a $20,000 home solar energy system could claim a $6,000 tax credit when filing their taxes in 2023.

One of the greatest benefits of installing solar arrays, while living in Florida is that when a Hurricane hits hard, the lights will stay on. Hurricane Ian extirpated the Fort Myers and Naples areas, with record-breaking storm surge and winds well over 150mph. Hurricane Ian made landfall as a Category 4 storm and crippled the power supply, leaving over 2.6 million residents without power, including 90% of Charlotte County.

Within Charlotte County lies a small community, called Babcock Ranch. This community is America’s first fully solar-powered town. Hurricane Ian was the first storm to hit the area since the community broke ground with the construction of the solar array in 2015. Hurricane Ian proved that the community concept of being fully powered by solar energy could withstand the wrath of a near Category 5 Hurricane. The State opened Babcock Neighborhood School as an official shelter during the storm, even though it did not have the mandated generator, because the solar array and backup batteries were enough to sustain the storm and keep the power on.

Hurricane Ian went right over Babcock Ranch and not only did the power stay on in the eco-conscious community of 50,000 residents, but the community then became a refuge for some of Ian’s victims.

In recent years, Florida has been impacted by several powerhouse storms. Each storm that has impacted Florida has been worse than the one before it. With Hurricanes like Irma, Michael, Dorian, and now Ian, it has never been clearer, that the energy infrastructure in our country is not well enough equipped to handle the extreme weather events that are only worsening.

Deciding to convert to solar-powered energy is easier than most people think. Blue Energy Electric has been in business for over ten years and has mainstreamed the process, making it a smooth and obtainable transition for its customers. Blue Energy Electric will create a complimentary solar savings plan for you. Whether you are looking to create your own electricity with Solar PV, heat your pool with Solar Pool Heating, heat your hot water tank with Domestic Solar Hot Water, or servicing of your existing Solar PV system, Blue Energy Electric is here to take the reins and complete the project. A member of our highly experienced team will walk you through the entire process of installing solar energy in your home and/or business, from start to finish. Blue Energy Electric offers a variety of Solar PV and offers Battery Backup Storage solutions that can be added to your new or pre-existing Solar PV. Each system is completely customizable to meet the needs of every home and/or a business owner. Contact Blue Energy Electric at 772-232-6594 to set up your free consultation.

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